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We are delighted to invite you to the 10th International Conference of EBHC Teachers & Developers, joint meeting with the 10th Conference of the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care.

This event reaches the scientific community after a global pandemic that has clearly emphasized how closely related biomedical research and patient health are, bringing out new clinical and methodological challenges. On the one hand, the need for further evidence to be produced in response to emerging healthcare needs; on the other hand, the demand for evidence urgently processed, synthesized and transferred into clinical recommendations.

The Conference will focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the ecosystem of evidence and what future challenges should be faced to connect the generation, synthesis and translation of evidence to individuals and populations.

It is essential now more than ever that a consensual commitment is made to provide support to Evidence-Based Healthcare.

Amazing EBHC champions will trace the way forward through the ecosystem of evidence while dozens of researchers will present their experiences. You will live an exciting journey departing from two main topics: the lessons learned in the pandemic era to produce, synthesize and use updated evidence for global health and the need for an EBP core curriculum for all health professionals. Then you will be carried through the pillars of the evidence ecosystem:

Evidence generation: from outcomes of REWARD recommendations to the global challenges for managing conflict of interest, increasing value and ensuring the research integrity.

Evidence synthesis: from the future challenges of systematic reviews 30 years later to new approaches to develop up-to-date syntheses of evidence and clinical practice guidelines.

Evidence translation: from opportunities and barriers to implement EBP in developing countries to future challenges for the promotion of evidence literacy and the implementation of clinical practice guidelines in real world.

Do not miss the opportunity to network with worldwide EBHC leaders in the wonderful frame of Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea!This will be a very good use of your time and, as all the participants of the previous editions would ensure, you will come back home with your trolley filled of very relevant souvenirs: connections, friendships, beautiful places seen and, most important of all, new inspiring expertise.


Nino Cartabellotta Gordon Guyatt
President on behalf of
GIMBE Foundation International Society for Evidence-based Healthcare



  • A unique opportunity to listen to EBHC leaders from all over the world “live on stage”

  • The rich 3-day program will include a unique panel of speakers, keynote lectures, oral presentations and interactive workshops to encourage discussion and the development of new ideas.
  • Live amazing moments of networking and sharing ideas with worldwide colleagues and opinion leaders

  • Meet EBHC colleagues and friends from all around the world and live the experience of an intense intellectual exchange in a relaxed and informal atmosphere on the beautiful island of Sicily, renowned for its never-ending sun, friendly people, rich history, colorful culture, and tasty food.
  • Not only work… Relax and discover the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

  • The venue of the conference is Hotel Caparena, an emerald green paradise located at Taormina Mare: gazing over the enchanting Mediterranean Sea you will find a resort so settled in its own natural habitat, that rest and perfect holidays are the only things that can be promised.


  • 15 th Mar 2023
  • 31 th Mar 2023
  • 30 th Apr 2023
  • 30 th Sep 2023
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